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Enkhbayar Launches Broadside on Bayar before MPRP Conference

By , 23 March, 2010, 1 Comment

The ensuing MPRP general conference promises to be a lively affair with former President N. Enkhbayar bluntly accusing party chairman and former Prime Minister S. Bayar of being “the mastermind behind the well-orchestrated sabotage” of his re-election bid last year.

Mr. Enkhbayar prefaced his salvo, in a long and wide-ranging interview published in the newspaper Zuunii Medee, by saying, “It does not help if the finger of blame is forever kept sheathed,” and added he was coming out with “the truth now as several events can now be seen in proper perspective” and also because “the party has to be stopped from committing suicide by allowing its leaders to deliberately betray its interests”.

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Mongolia Social and Economic Indices February 2010

By , 23 March, 2010, 1 Comment

ULAANBAATAR, MONGOLIA – The National Statistics Office has published social and economic data. All figures are for February alone or for the first two months in 2010 and, unless otherwise mentioned, all comparisons are with the corresponding period in 2009.


The consumer price index rose 3.0 percent over January, 5.4 percent over the end of 2009, and 8.3 percent over February 2009.

State budget

The overall balance in the General Government budget in the first two months of 2010 showed a deficit of MNT51.4 billion, MNT 0.8 billion less than in the same period of the previous year, mainly because revenue increased 53.8 percent more than did expenditure.

The current account deficit was MNT36.6 billion. Tax revenue was 74.8 percent more than in 2009. Windfall profits tax yielded 227.4 times more, corporate income tax 2.2 times more, and value added tax 34.6 percent more. Non-tax revenue was up by 91.3 percent.

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Central Bank Confirms TDB in Good Shape, After Rumors Cause Concern

By , 22 March, 2010, 1 Comment

The Central Bank has said it sees no reason to worry about the health of Trade and Development Bank (TDB). The bank administration has also strongly denied there is any problem whatsoever. The reassurances were found necessary after the city had been abuzz with rumors about the bank, with customer confidence continuing to be low following what happened at Zoos and Anod banks.

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Khan Rebuts All Charges Based on “Inaccurate Information”

By , 22 March, 2010, No Comment

In an open letter to MP Z. Enkhbold, Khan Resources has clarified its point of view about certain conclusions and recommendations recently made by the working group led by him after its visit to Dornod uranium district last summer.

The company notes that the license it holds was not included in the list of licenses whose legality was sought to be investigated. Reiterating that the company has been fully cooperating with Government officials, Khan says it would be pleased to provide all relevant documents to the working group if asked to do so. Expressing confidence that Khan has fulfilled all its obligations towards Central Asia Uranium Corporation (CAUC), the company says it is difficult to understand why only it should be investigated when there are two other partners in the joint venture. “It is most unfortunate that inaccurate information has been delivered…through recent official and unofficial sources that suggests that only Khan may have been in breach of the law,” the letter says.

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Erdenet Citizens Urge President to Go Ahead with Judicial Reforms

By , 15 March, 2010, No Comment

President Ts.Elbegdorj’s meeting last week with the citizens of Erdenet turned into an indictment of the way legal and judicial organizations worked in the province of Orkhon.

A woman said she had been practically living in courts trying to get the truth established after the court ordered her son to 8 years’ imprisonment for theft of two mobile phones. Many at the meeting sympathized with her, saying they, too, “knew how judges treat poor people and how they please those with money and power”. The audience urged the President to boldly carry on with his plans to reform the judiciary so that reliable justice was available to all.

Only Economic Diversification Can Assure Survival, Says Former PM

By , 13 March, 2010, 2 Comments

Former Prime Minister D. Byambasuren does not see any “quick exit from the present economic crisis, even if some superficial indications may look promising”.

The distribution of cash has led to an overall increase in prices of items in daily use. Banks are still troubled with outstanding loans and the long-term impact of the dzud will be clear only with time. Livestock is the economy’s key sector and difficulties there will be felt in many areas of life: herders’ livelihood, the consumer market, and health of the banking system. Herders, he felt, are not receiving adequate support, but abandoning them will have disastrous consequences.

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Environmentalists Urge Mongolian State Authorities to Probe “Illegal” Activities of Petro-China

By , 12 March, 2010, 1 Comment

A coalition of environmental protection movements in the country has sent a report to the President, the Parliament Speaker, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Minerals and Energy, Finance, and Labor and Social Welfare detailing “illegal activities” by Petro-China Dachin Tamsag and demanded an inquiry into how the company has been allowed to violate Mongolian laws, pollute the environment, and harm local communities in several ways.

Petro-China has been working in three oil fields in Dornod aimag since 2005 on the basis of a product sharing agreement with the Government. Petro-China has refused to make available to the coalition a copy of the agreement, as also of its performance and monitoring reports, even though the NGOs have a constitutional right to the information.  Petro-China says these are “company secrets that cannot be disclosed to a third party”.

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Goldman Sachs May File Case on Olon Ovoot

By , 12 March, 2010, No Comment

Goldman Sachs is believed to have filed a case against Mongolia in an international arbitration court in matters relating to Mongol Gazar and the Olon Ovoot mines.  This news comes in the wake of unconfirmed but strong reports that the Mongolian Government has lost the case against the Russian-owned Altan Dornod.

Mr. B.Lhagvasuren, director of the Inspection Department at the Central Bank, has denied any information about Goldman Sachs filing any case
Mr. Ts. Myanganbayar, a business magnate, mortgaged the Olon Ovoot gold mine license to several banks and to Goldman Sachs to borrow a total of MNT 210 billion. Of this, Zoos Bank, now known as State Bank, gave him MNT 60 billion, Anod MNT 30 billion, and Goldman Sachs MNT 15 billion.

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Curry For A Cause

By , 4 March, 2010, 1 Comment

Taste the Savory Indian curry at its Best. Your participation will enable a needy Mongolian family live in a house called home.  A worthy cause.

A Buffet Charity Dinner will be organized on the 13th of March, 2010 at the Taj Mahal Restaurant at 6.00 – 10.00 p.m.  located on 6th floor of the Ulaabaatar Hotel.  Entrance fee 21,000 MNT per person

Curry for a Cause Event Program:

  • Welcome Habitat for Humanities (HFH) Mongolia Blue Sky Build Presentation
  • Dinner and then after dinner some fun Games
  • Auction – Items, A saree from India, Another dress called Salwar
  • Kameez, some Indian Handicrafts, Famous Mongolian artists paintings
  • Music and Dance

Come and join Hands to lend a Helping Hand .  All proceeds to be given to Habitat for Humanity Mongolia.

About The Blue Sky Build

Building 30 houses for 30 Mongolian families with low incomes.  A sign up paper will be available for people to sign up as volunteers during the actual days of the Blue Sky Build 28th June – 2nd of July, 2010.

For reservation of a seat, please phone into Tajmahal restaurant – 98110562 OR the Habitat for Humanity Director Charles Jolliffe -99041137