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We hope to become the premier source of business and investment news in Mongolia. We hope that investors, entrepreneurs, and business people of all ages and of all backgrounds can come to this site to get information and to contribute by participating in discussions and submitting your own articles.

This website is a project of many individuals who are currently running their own businesses in Mongolia, are working at investment/equities firms, or are simply knowledgeable about Mongolian business and investment climate.

Please let us know how we can improve the quality of the content or the website.

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  • Amber

    Hi there,

    I see that you are focusing on foreign investors and businessmen in Mongolia. Maybe you could post the recipients of the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce Silk Road Award winners in English on your website. Here is the link to the Mongolian version:




  • mergen

    @Amber I have sent an email to the Chamber of Commerce for the English version. You are CC’d on that email. Regards

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