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Dalanzadgad Expected to Have Highest GDP Per Capita

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Dalanzadgad is the capital of the South Gobi province and fastest growing provincial capital in Mongolia.

Our Firm (Eurasia Capital) estimates that the population of Dalanzadgad will quadruple in the next five years and by 2015 this town will enjoy the highest GDP per capita in Mongolia. South Gobi is home to two crown jewels of Mongolia: Tavan Tolgoi, the world’s largest untapped coking coal deposit and Oyu Tolgoi, the world’s largest undeveloped copper & gold mine.  We anticipate Dalanzadgad becoming a regional center for dozens of mining companies and hundreds of firms in multi-billion dollar mining supply chain.

FYI, Erdenet, the second largest city in Mongolia has estimated US$6,400 GDP per capita, the highest in Mongolia.  Erdenet is the capital of the Orkhon province, founded in 1975 as a new industrial center after discovery of the world class Erdenet copper mine in 1974. Erdenet is home to Erdenet Mining Corp., Mongolia’s largest company, biggest taxpayer and exporter, and accounts for 13% of the country’s GDP.

Source: Eurasia Capital

“Mongolian Law and Legal Environment” with James Liotta of Lehman Lee & Xu

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James Liotta Lehman Lee XuOverview: Mongolia has a developing judicial system, sometimes even described as “rotten to the core”.  People need to do due diligence before coming to Mongolia to do business.  Following the law to your best ability from the beginning will help prevent issues later.

For business news, the state budget containing 76 Billion tugrugs or 1 billion tugrug per each MP, has been passed, even after a veto by the President of Mongolia.  Millennium Challenge Account is investing more than hundred million USD for clean air and road infrastructure projects.  Boroo Gold mining company has agreed to donate 1 million USD for new national park being developed in Ulaanbaatar.

For “Mongolia Business” podcast update, we received some recommendations from one of our listeners.  We also received a five star review on iTunes.

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December 2009: Cultural Events of the Month

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A friend of mine emailed me this.  The source was “The Arts Council of Mongolia“.



Modern Art Gallery

Dec 4 – Dec 30

The Modern Art Gallery of Mongolia is hosting its annual ‘Best Artworks of the Year’ competitive exhibition from December 4 until December 30. There are 120 artworks in the exhibition, and they will be judged over two weeks. A select few will then be brought into the gallery’s collection at the conclusion of the exhibition.

For more information please call 327177 or 331687


(Tel: 323954, 99283116, 88083116)
Web address:

  • 14-15th 7 PM   ‘Mongolian Melody’ performance


(Tel: 321444, 328833, 323954)

Please call for a detailed schedule


(Tel: 70118012)

Please call for a detailed schedule

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