Bayar’s Income Rises 20 Times, Gansukh’s 7 Times, and Bayartsogt’s 3 Times

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According to figures released by the Anti-Corruption Authority, the declared assets and reported income of most senior Government officials for 2009 show considerable increase over those for 2008.

An exception was the President Ts. Elbegdorj, whose income decreased by about MNT 1 million.  The Speaker earned more but his assets have not grown over the years.  He still lists a Mazda car, a one-room apartment and shares in Gobi Company.

Former Prime Minister S. Bayar’s income rose 20 times in the year, reaching MNT109.2 million from MNT5.4 million in 2008.  He owns 10 percent of Sansar Cable TV and Palace LLC.  The MNT94.7 million in his bank account in 2008 now stood at MNT156.3 million.
Minister for Finance S. Bayartsogt declared an income of MNT662.0 million in 2009, almost three times more than in 2008. But the amount in his bank account came down to MNT 6.9 million from MNT 64.9 million in 2008. He owns Nido LLC. The Finance Minister’s family income had also become less. His company also did not do very well, with new investments dropping from MNT986.6 million in 2008 to just MNT 2 million.

Minister for Nature and Tourism L. Gansukh’s income rose seven times within a year reaching MNT378.5 million from MNT50.8 million in 2008. Some of his companies were closed down, but he was able to fully pay back all bank loans. Mr. Gansukh’s family income was up by MNT4 million.
Minister for Minerals and Energy D. Zorigt’s income fell to MNT9.5 million from MNT17.0 million in 2008, though the family income rose by MNT7 million.

Source: Ardin Erkh Newspaper, highlighted in the BCM Newswire by Business Council of Mongolia

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