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MP’s Urge Prime Minister to Curb Corruption

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In an open letter to Prime Minister S. Batbold, two Democratic Party MPs, Hero of Mongolia E. Bat-Uul and Mr. Ya. Batsuuri, have lamented the unchecked growth of corruption, bribery, and bureaucracy in government organizations, greatly hindering economic progress and the development of a democratic ethos. If no corrective action is taken, the trend will eventually disgrace the nation on the international stage, they feel.

Political parties and leaders talk a lot about action against corruption during elections, but allow it to thrive when they are in a position to take remedial action. Hidden business deals involving high officials, their fingers in the pie in any major budgetary investments, and misuse and abuse of the funds of state owned businesses have got out of control and reached proportions that endanger national security. Citizens wait in vain for signs of official action, but there is no change in the authorities’ apathy.

Reminding Mr. Batbold that in a democracy people’s feelings cannot continue to be ignored, the two MPs have urged the Government to come out with a comprehensive statement on its stand on the matter. As a first step, they have said, companies and organizations like Erdenet Copper, Ulaanbaatar Railway, MIAT, and the Civil Aviation Authority of Mongolia should immediately have their accounts audited by firms with international exposure.

Source: Udriin Sonin; highlighted in the BCM Newswire by Business Council of Mongolia

Economist D. Jargalsaikhan Speaking at Cafe Amsterdam on Wed April 21, 2010

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Economist D. Jargailsaikhan will be speaking at Cafe Amsterdam this coming Wednesday April 21, 2010 at 7PM.

Mr. Jargailsaikhan’s lecture will focus on the relationship between politics and economy in Mongolia.  The lecture is a part of the Wednesday Night Culture Series at Cafe Amsterdam.

About D. Jargalsaikhan

Mongolian economist D JargalsaikhanMr. Jargalsaikhan is a popular economist in Mongolia and is also President and Founder of the NGO  Mongolians for Fair Taxes and Wise Spending, which organizes the annual Mongolia Economic Forum.

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China’s 24 Million Wife Shortage – Concern for Mongolia?

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Earlier today, I ran across an article indicating that there may be 24 million wife shortage in China over the next decade.

As the shortage of women increase in China, surely the ambitions of men (Chinese or not) to marry will not be squelched.   The fear in Mongolia might be that some of these men may marry Mongolian women.

The crazy thing is… this fear might actually be justified.

As you may know, Mongolia’s entire population today is only 2.7 million.  If we take the fact that 70% of Mongolians are aged 30 years or younger and that roughly 50% are women, we are left with less than 1 million Mongolian women and girls.  Looking at the numbers, even if a few ten thousands of Chinese men somehow succeed in marrying Mongolian women, this might create a dramatic imbalance and a fierce competition for Mongolia’s women.

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Bayar’s Income Rises 20 Times, Gansukh’s 7 Times, and Bayartsogt’s 3 Times

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According to figures released by the Anti-Corruption Authority, the declared assets and reported income of most senior Government officials for 2009 show considerable increase over those for 2008.

An exception was the President Ts. Elbegdorj, whose income decreased by about MNT 1 million.  The Speaker earned more but his assets have not grown over the years.  He still lists a Mazda car, a one-room apartment and shares in Gobi Company.

Former Prime Minister S. Bayar’s income rose 20 times in the year, reaching MNT109.2 million from MNT5.4 million in 2008.  He owns 10 percent of Sansar Cable TV and Palace LLC.  The MNT94.7 million in his bank account in 2008 now stood at MNT156.3 million.

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Enkhbayar Launches Broadside on Bayar before MPRP Conference

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The ensuing MPRP general conference promises to be a lively affair with former President N. Enkhbayar bluntly accusing party chairman and former Prime Minister S. Bayar of being “the mastermind behind the well-orchestrated sabotage” of his re-election bid last year.

Mr. Enkhbayar prefaced his salvo, in a long and wide-ranging interview published in the newspaper Zuunii Medee, by saying, “It does not help if the finger of blame is forever kept sheathed,” and added he was coming out with “the truth now as several events can now be seen in proper perspective” and also because “the party has to be stopped from committing suicide by allowing its leaders to deliberately betray its interests”.

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