China’s 24 Million Wife Shortage – Concern for Mongolia?

By , 12 April, 2010, 4 Comments

Earlier today, I ran across an article indicating that there may be 24 million wife shortage in China over the next decade.

As the shortage of women increase in China, surely the ambitions of men (Chinese or not) to marry will not be squelched.   The fear in Mongolia might be that some of these men may marry Mongolian women.

The crazy thing is… this fear might actually be justified.

As you may know, Mongolia’s entire population today is only 2.7 million.  If we take the fact that 70% of Mongolians are aged 30 years or younger and that roughly 50% are women, we are left with less than 1 million Mongolian women and girls.  Looking at the numbers, even if a few ten thousands of Chinese men somehow succeed in marrying Mongolian women, this might create a dramatic imbalance and a fierce competition for Mongolia’s women.

Most of us who have lived in Mongolia know that Mongolians are not very fond of the Chinese.  Throughout history, we have had bitter exchanges of words, actions, and wars.  Probably much of this dislike or distrust is reserved more for some of the policies of the Chinese government rather than the people themselves.

Nevertheless, this imbalance of Chinese sex ratio and Mongolia’s dependence on Chinese economy, which accounts for 80% of Mongolia’s foreign direct investments and majority of Mongolia’s foreign trade (almost everything in Mongolia is imported from China except strategic items such as oil that comes from Russia), may be the perfect storm for a possible issue to escalate down the road.

So, is this something of which Mongolia should be really concerned?  What’s your take on this Chinese imbalance between men & women?  24 million Chinese bachelors is nearly 9 times Mongolia’s current population.

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