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  • sam e

    I only heard about the podcast recently and have been working my way through the episodes chronologically. Perhaps you have covered this in more recent podcasts, but I was wondering what employment opportunities might be available to recent college graduates interested in working in Mongolia. I spent a few weeks in Mongolia in March of 2008 and am interested in going back. I will graduate from college in May, and I would be very interested to hear about available jobs for young Americans in Mongolia, and the best way to go about getting them.

  • Howard Day

    I don’t know if my request falls within your remit but I am looking to find Mongolian hunting and fishing guides with a view to taking my clients to Mongolia. Currently I can only find their agents, mainly Russina and American but would rather deal direct. Any help or contacts gratefully received

  • mergen

    Hi Howard, this seems a bit out of our scope. We can only recommend agencies and don’t have a ready list of reliable guides, drivers, etc. Good luck!

  • Fran

    great blog! i hope u keep up with it!
    im in ulaanbaatar at the moment (for an internship) and your articles gave me quite a bit of inspiration for my thesis that im writing about mongolia!
    thanks, good luck and all the best,

  • Senthil Nathan

    We, at Traswift, (, are interested in partner with Mongolia based media and language companies to translate IT, business, legal and other content. The localization industry is bullish on new languages like Mongolian in the global language market. However, the market isn’t fully utilized by the translators from Mongolia. Transwift seek partners for Mongolian translation. Please guide us to whom in your company we can talk further.

    Thanks and best regards
    Senthil Nathan

    1 A, Thilagar Street,
    Ayyappan Thangal,
    Chennai, India

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