Democracy, Railroad, & Jim Dwyer of Business Council of Mongolia

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20th anniversary of Mongolian democracy, railroad, & BCM Executive Director Jim Dwyer

December 11, 2009: December 10th is a very important day in Mongolian history.  On this date, Mongolians gathered at the square and peacefully protested for democracy of Mongolia. It was one of the most peaceful yet successful demonstrations in history…  (Download the podcast here: Mongolia Business podcast)

There is a dispute over the railroad between the private sector and Mr. Battulga, the Minister of Road and Transportation.  Additionally, there is a need for a railroad in South Gobi.  Current transportation methods do not meet the needs to transport the mining resources.  Leighton LLC has just been contracted to build the railroad, separately from the mining contract…
Jim Dwyer, Executive Director of Business Council of Mongolia (BCM), has been in Mongolia for a total of 8 years.  The membership of BCM has far outpaced expectations.  Membership is now over 140.  The needs of the business community, both foreign and Mongolian, are the same.  BCM represents business community as a whole.  Half of the 14 member board are represented by Mongolian companies…

Other topics covered in interview:

  • working with the government,
  • working groups, workshops,
  • Mongolian currency law issues, Mongol Bank Deputy Director Enhhuyag,
  • BCM Newswire,
  • Mongolian stock exchange,
  • BCM mining supply chain database,
  • regulatory environment,
  • foreign & Mongolian companies,
  • Oyu Tolgoi agreement


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    Democracy, Railroad, & Jim Dwyer of Business Council of Mongolia

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