Enkhbayar Launches Broadside on Bayar before MPRP Conference

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The ensuing MPRP general conference promises to be a lively affair with former President N. Enkhbayar bluntly accusing party chairman and former Prime Minister S. Bayar of being “the mastermind behind the well-orchestrated sabotage” of his re-election bid last year.

Mr. Enkhbayar prefaced his salvo, in a long and wide-ranging interview published in the newspaper Zuunii Medee, by saying, “It does not help if the finger of blame is forever kept sheathed,” and added he was coming out with “the truth now as several events can now be seen in proper perspective” and also because “the party has to be stopped from committing suicide by allowing its leaders to deliberately betray its interests”.

Mr. Enkhbayar was certain he had polled more votes in the nationwide election “but fraud in six districts changed the outcome”. He charged that “a handful of MPRP leaders” under Mr. Bayar had originally “rehearsed in some constituencies in the 2008 parliament election the rigging they would later practice in the presidential election to defeat me”.

Recalling his brief speech conceding victory to Mr. Elbegdorj on the morning after the election, Mr. Enkhbayar asserted he had not said he accepted the people’s verdict but, instead, had said, “I honor the results announced by the General Election Committee.” His explanation was, “They are different. We all know how the GEC works and how its declarations do not always reflect the real results of the voting.” Another consideration that had weighed with him was maintaining public peace. Discontent with results as they had been declared had led to the July I protests and “we could not risk triggering another disorder that could endanger people’s lives”.

Mr. Enkhbayar traced events from time considerably before the  presidential election to show how he thought Mr. Bayar was “planning his conspiracy”, and claimed the MPRP under Mr. Bayar and the DP had struck a deal that extended to the DP forfeiting the Chingeltei by-election. “They lost an MP but gained a President,” he said. It was significant, he said, “that the result of the presidential election has never been discussed in any party forum”, and regretted that Mr. Bayar’s actions “have “caused more harm to the party than to me”.

Referring to the “many failures” of the present government, Mr. Enkhbayar said there was no compulsion for Mongolia to admit that it still owed Russia USD180 million. “Mongolia acknowledged the debt solely in order to make someone a scapegoat, to blame N.Enkhbayar after all I had done to settle the ‘great debt’ to Russia,” charged the former President.

He foresaw “the death of our young democracy if elections are not made honest”, saying, “We cannot afford to have a system where liars win.”

Mr. Bayar, who resigned as Prime Minister but retained his party chairmanship in a departure from the MPRP tradition, is now in the USA for medical treatment and is expected to return home this week to start preparing for the party conference next month.

Source: news.mn; highlighted in the BCM Newswire by Mongolia Business Council

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