Erdenet Citizens Urge President to Go Ahead with Judicial Reforms

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President Ts.Elbegdorj’s meeting last week with the citizens of Erdenet turned into an indictment of the way legal and judicial organizations worked in the province of Orkhon.

A woman said she had been practically living in courts trying to get the truth established after the court ordered her son to 8 years’ imprisonment for theft of two mobile phones. Many at the meeting sympathized with her, saying they, too, “knew how judges treat poor people and how they please those with money and power”. The audience urged the President to boldly carry on with his plans to reform the judiciary so that reliable justice was available to all.

After listening to numerous cases of abuse of law and power in the judiciary, the President explained the core tenets of his judicial reforms agenda and assured citizens that “I do have the strong will and I am committed to fulfilling my pledge”.  However, he cautioned of problems on the way. “Frankly speaking, I am not fully convinced that authorities of some organizations share the same belief and conviction. Those who acted irresponsibly are protected by legal provisions, and their wrong actions are concealed from scrutiny. A thorough overhaul is needed, not patchwork corrections and we are working on our draft law,” he said, urging legal and judicial officers to respect human rights in the discharge of their duties.

Source: Montsame; highlighted in the BCM Newswire by Business Council of Mongolia

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