New Prosecutor General Offers “No Mercy to Corrupt Prosecutors”

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Parliament last Friday approved the appointment of Mr. D. Dorligjav as the country’s Prosecutor General, with 92 percent of MPs accepting his nomination by the President.

Talking to reporters after the Parliament vote, Mr. Dorligjav said his priority will be to ensure that prosecutors at all times abided by the law. “Their main responsibility is to ensure that people’s legitimate expectations are met, and they must never lose sight of the fact that their power stems from the legal principles that they are expected to uphold,” he said.

People who have been sincere and conscientious will certainly not be disturbed. “Indeed, I shall offer them all assistance to be more effective. But I have already told Parliament I shall not retain those with problems of ethics and shall show no mercy to those who abuse their power and bring disrepute to the judiciary,” he told media. He clarified it would be wrong to blame prosecutors alone for all the problems in the judicial sector.

The proposed reforms program envisions a comprehensive and systemic overhaul of the sector, and piecemeal or ad hoc amendments to individual laws are not being favored. Instead, the emphasis will be on changing the big overall picture. He admitted it will not be easy to change entrenched mindsets but people’s faith in the judiciary must be restored by enforcing that cases are decided strictly on a legal basis, and on no other consideration.

Mr. Dorligjav asserted that he had no political bias. He also dismissed suggestions that transparency would mean that all details of investigations and interrogations will be made public, saying the very nature of their work meant much of what the police, the courts and the prosecutors do will have to be in secret. “But this cannot be an excuse to shut the people out of everything. They have a right to know much more than they are commonly allowed. I’ll stand by this principle,” he said.

Source: Undesnii Shuudan and Ardiin Erkh; highlighted in the BCM Newswire by Business Council of Mongolia

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