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Eurasia Capital Bullish on Japanese Investments in Mongolia

By , 22 November, 2010, No Comment

Below is a text from a newsletter I recently received from Eurasia Capital.  It is true that Japanese have been one of the most active early investors in Mongolia.  While investments from China today make up for around 80% of foreign direct investment (FDI) in Mongolia (according to some resources), Japan is still a significant presence here in Mongolia.  Enjoy reading.

Eurasia Capital: Japan and Mongolia: “Rising Sun” Looks for “Bluer Sky”

Towards strategic partnership. Japan, Mongolia’s fourth largest trading partner, is seen by the Mongolian Government as an important player for the development of the resource-rich country. In order to reduce its reliance on its two neighboring superpowers, China and Russia, Mongolia is seeking a “strategic partnership” status with the world’s third largest economy. Japan has been supporting Mongolia since the early 1990’s by providing extensive financial and technical assistance worth over US$1.3bn and helping in key aspects of democracy and transition into a market economy. Currently, Japan is actively involved in assisting in developing rural areas, protecting the environment, improving infrastructure, supporting SMEs and developing institutional and human resources in Mongolia.

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